The Information Transfer and Knowledge Acquisition Geographies of Family Caregivers: An Analysis of Canada's Compassionate Care Benefit

Valorie A. Crooks, Allison Williams, Kelli I. Stajduhar, Diane E. Allan, Robin S. Cohen


The authors explore an underdeveloped area of health geography by examining information transfer and knowledge acquisition for a health-related social program. Specifically, they discuss the findings of a small-scale utilization-focused evaluation of Canada's Compassionate Care Benefit (CCB). The CCB allows workers who are eligible for employment insurance to leave work to care for family members at end-of-life. Using the findings of 25 interviews with family caregivers, the authors explore their geographies of information transfer and knowledge acquisition. First, however, they introduce their respondent group and provide an overview of their socio-spatial lives as family caregivers. They then examine 3 specific thematic findings: awareness of the CCB, access to information related to the CCB, and the application process. The authors discuss the implications of the findings for the information needs and burdens of family caregivers and for Canadian nursing practice. They also consider directions for future CCB research.

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