Development and Validation of a Self-Care Ability Measure

Souraya Sidani, Diane Irvine Doran


Self-care is an outcome of nursing care that is instrumental for promoting recovery and preventing complications following hospitalization. The Therapeutic Self-Care (TSC) measure was developed to assess self-care ability in acute-care settings. Its content was derived from a conceptualization of self-care generated from an extensive literature review. Clinical experts considered the 13 items of the TSC measure as relevant, supporting its content validity. Findings of 1 study indicate that the items are internally consistent and loaded on 1 factor. The TSC scores correlate with relevant concepts. The TSC measure quantifies patients' perceived ability for self-care, operationalized in behaviours related to taking medications, recognizing and managing symptoms, carrying out activities of daily living, and managing changes in condition. It can be used to guide and evaluate nursing care.

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