Promoting Health Equity Research: Insights From a Canadian Initiative

Miriam J. Stewart, Kaysi Eastlick Kushner


In 2002 the Canadian Institutes of Health Research launched a national initiative to promote health equity research reflecting the World Health Organization imperative of investment in health equity research. Funded researchers and teams have investigated health disparities faced by vulnerable populations, analyzed interactions of health determinants, and tested innovative interventions. Strategies for building research capacity have supported students, postdoctoral fellows, new investigators, and interdisciplinary research teams. Partnerships have been created with 10 national and 7 international organizations. Strategies used to secure and sustain this research initiative could be adapted to other contexts. Nurse scholars led the launch and have sustained the legacy of this national research initiative. Moreover, nurse researchers and research trainees, supported by the initiative, have contributed to the expansion and translation of the health equity knowledge base.

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