Third National Conference in Research in Nursing

Amy E. Griffin


The Third National Conference on Research in Nursing was held May 21-23, 1974 in Toronto. It was sponsored by the School of Nursing, McMaster University and by the Faculties of Nursing, University of Toronto and The University of Western Ontario. It was funded under National Health Grant No. 613-1015-72. The Planning Committee comprised: Dr. Margaret Cahoon (Chairman) and Dr. Helen Carpenter, University of Toronto; Dr. Ruth MacKay and Mrs. May Yoshida, McMaster University; Miss Sheila Creeggan and Dr. Amy Griffin, The University of Western Ontario. Mrs. Marion Barter functioned as Program Co-ordinator and Sister Jeanne Forest as Translator. Dr. John Godden and Mr. Robert Randall, of Medi-Edit Limited, Toronto, assisted the Planning Committee in preparation of the pre-conference kit, conference materials and published precedings.
The theme of the Conference was Decision-Making in Nursing Research. The objectives were as follows:
General Objectives _ to enable each participant to:
(1) Share knowledge, skills and attitudes about the research process and about on-going research activities.
(2) Analyze those determinants which influence the making of
decisions in nursing research.
Specific Objectives _ to enable each participant to:
(1) Identify those decisions which influence the development of a research proposal.
(2) Develop the ability to appraise critically the decisions in a
(3) Propose solutions to specific problems arising out of the use
of human volunteers.
(4) Explore some design decisions in interdisciplinary investigations.

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