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CJNR Vol 21 Issue 3 A Survey of Family Nursing Education in Canadian Universities Abstract   PDF
Lorraine Wright, Janice Bell
CJNR Vol 8 Issue 3 A Survey of Baccalaureate Nursing Programs for Registered Nurses in Canada Abstract   PDF
Janet L. Moore
CJNR Vol 24 Issue 3 A Time For Reflection: A Prelude to Change Details   PDF
Laurie Gottlieb
CJNR Vol 4 Issue 2 Abstract: A Learning Tool for Nursing: The Multiple Student Assignment Method Abstract   PDF
Marguerite E. Schumacher
CJNR Vol 18 Issue 2 Academic Advising in a University School of Nursing: Problems And Solutions Abstract   PDF
Margaret M. Arklie, Suzanne Caty
CJNR Vol 13 Issue 2 Accountability in Nursing Education Abstract   PDF
Dorothy J. Kergin
CJNR Vol 8 Issue 1 Accreditation Of Canadian Baccalaureate Programmes in Nursing Abstract   PDF
Susan E. French
CJNR Vol 24 Issue 2 Accreditation of University Nursing Programmes in Canada Abstract   PDF
Barbara Thomas, Anne-Marie Arseneault, Jeannette Bouchard, Edith Coté, Sheila Stanton
CJNR Vol 20 Issue 1 Actor-observer Attributions for Failure to Control Physical Conditions Abstract   PDF
Evelyn Perloff, Patricia Bohachick
CJNR Vol 20 Issue 2 Actual Decision Making: Factors that Determine Practices in Clinical Settings Abstract   PDF
Dayle Hunt Joseph, Jeannette Matrone, Elaine Osborne
CJNR Vol 3 Issue 1 Adapting Social Measurements for Special Population Groups Abstract   PDF
Ruth C. MacKay
CJNR Vol 31 Issue 3 Addressing the Nursing Shortage: Researchers and Clinicians Unite Details   PDF
Laurie N. Gottlieb, Suzanne Gordon
CJNR Vol 9 Issue 3 Adjustive and Affective Responses of School-Aged Children to a Leg Amputation Abstract   PDF
Judith Anne Ritchie
CJNR Vol 18 Issue 1 Adolescent Communication: Understanding It's Dynamics and Fostering It's Development Abstract   PDF
M. Judith Lynam, Louise Tenn
CJNR Vol 22 Issue 2 Adolescent Girls' Perceptions of and Preparation for Menarche Abstract   PDF
Barbara-Ann Janes, Janice M. Morse
CJNR Vol 10 Issue 2 & 3 Advantages of the Nurse-Patient Contract Abstract   PDF
Janet Harris
CJNR Vol 20 Issue 4 Aging and Life Experiences of Low-income, Middle-aged African-American and Caucasian Women Abstract   PDF
Evelyn L. Barbee, Janet A. Bauer
CJNR Vol 23 Issue 1 AIDS: Knowledge and Attitudes of Student Nurses in Australia and Canada Abstract   PDF
Pamela Bell, Ann K. Williams
CJNR Vol 24 Issue 1 An Analysis of the Concept of Hardiness Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Lindsey, Marcia Hills
CJNR Vol 15 Issue 1 An Ethnoscientific Analysis of Comfort: A Preliminary Investigation Abstract   PDF
Janice M. Morse
CJNR Vol 9 Issue 1 An Experience Developing and Using Written Simulations as a Method of Teaching Abstract   PDF
Diana Gendron
CJNR Vol 6 Issue 4 An Experience Taking Patient Assignments While in the Teacher Role Abstract   PDF
Diana Gendron, Florence MacKenzie
CJNR Vol 25 Issue 1 An Exploration of Nursing Disillusionment Abstract   PDF
Kathleen Oberle, Betty Davies
CJNR Vol 13 Issue 4 An Interpretive Approach to Clinical Nursing Research Abstract   PDF
Joan Anderson
CJNR Vol 1 Issue 1 An Invitation Details   PDF
Elizabeth Logan
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