Managing Chronic Kidney Disease in a Nurse-Run, Physician-Monitored Clinic: The CanPREVENT Experience

Anita E. Molzahn, Maryse Pelletier Hibbert, Denise Gaudet, Rosalie Starzomski, Brendan Barrett, Janet Morgan


The purpose of this study was to examine the nature of the care provided to people with chronic kidney disease within a larger study of nurse-run, physician-monitored clinics, as well as how patients, nurses, and nephrologists described their experience with the clinics. Interviews were conducted with 7 nurses, 5 physicians, and 23 patients. Data collection also entailed review of 40 randomly selected charts. Identified themes related to characteristics of the nurse, patient-centred care, health promotion, teaching, dealing with problems, time, protocols, consultation and referrals, clinic logistics, paperwork/documentation, and nurse-physician collaboration. Challenges and outcomes were also described as part of the experience with the clinic. Patients were actively engaged in self-management and reported high levels of satisfaction with care as well as improvements in selected outcomes. Overall, the perceptions of this model of care were positive and the approach warrants further exploration.

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