The Psychosocial Work Environment and Evidence Utilization by Health Professionals

Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay, Charles Sounan, Geneviève L. Lavigne, Jean-Pierre Bonin, Alain D. Lesage, Pascale L. Denis, Martine Renaud, Nadège Maisy, Lambert Farand, Hélène Racine


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships between dimensions of the psychosocial work environment and health professionals' use of evidence in their practice. A correlational descriptive design was developed. Health professionals working in mental health units at 2 hospitals were asked to complete a questionnaire about their perceptions of the psychosocial work environment and their use of evidence. Correlations and regression analyses were performed. Use of evidence was found to be correlated with social support and decision latitude. Results of multiple regression analyses found perceived social support (ß = .27, p < .01) and perceived decision latitude (ß = .25, p < .01) to be significant predictors of the use of evidence. The authors conclude that good social support and decision latitude among interprofessional groups may promote use of evidence by health professions in their practice.

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