Participatory Knowledge Exchange to Support Palliative Care in Chile: Lessons Learned Through Global Health Research

Brenda L. Cameron, Anna Santos Salas, Donna deMoissac


The authors designed a participatory qualitative research study to develop a collaborative partnership between palliative care practitioners in Canada and in Chile. The research goal was to support the provision of palliative care in vulnerable settings through a participatory knowledge exchange process using qualitative and participatory methodologies. The study involved an interprofessional palliative care team from a primary health care centre in Chile and 5 adults receiving palliative care and their relatives. It also involved the participation of registered nurses and allied health professionals from a palliative home care team in Canada. Participatory knowledge exchange activities included teamwork with the primary health care team in Chile and a process of participatory knowledge exchange with palliative care clinicians in Chile and Canada. The study produced qualitative evidence on the efficacy of a process of participatory knowledge exchange with palliative care practitioners from 2 diverse settings.

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