Discourse / Discours - Pilot Testing of a Psycho-educational Telephone Intervention for Women Receiving Uninformative BRCA1/2 Genetic Test Results

Christine Maheu, Wendy S. Meschino, Weiming Hu, Joanne Honeyford, Ingrid Ambus, Meredith Kidd, Aronela Benea, Xin Gao, Madhis Azadbakhsh, Christian Rochefort, Mary Jane Esplen


Evidence suggests that women who receive uninformative results for breast and ovarian cancer (BRCA1/2) gene mutations may experience as much distress as women whose results indicate the presence of a gene mutation. No intervention to reduce distress after receipt of uninformative results has yet been tested. The purpose of this study was to test the feasibility and preliminary effects of a psycho-educational telephone (PET) intervention to reduce distress in women who receive uninformative BRCA1/2 results. A single group with repeated measures was used to assess the impact of the intervention on 72 such women. After receiving the results, most of the women continued to feel uncertain about their carrier genetic status. However, their distress significantly decreased between receipt of uninformative results and 3 months post-intervention (p = 0.01). The preliminary findings suggest that a PET uncertainty intervention is clinically feasible and may reduce the distress of receiving uninformative results.

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