Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Nurse Practitioner-Led Outreach Program for Long-Term-Care Homes

Maher M. El-Masri, Abeer Omar, Eleanor M. Groh


An observational prospective cohort study was conducted on 1,353 observations from a convenience sample of 311 long-term-care (LTC) residents to evaluate the effectiveness of a nurse practitioner-led outreach program on the health outcomes, emergency department (ED) transfers, and hospital admissions of LTC residents. The results show that ED transfers by the NPs were 27% less likely to be non-urgent than transfers made by MDs (OR = .73; 95% CI .54-.97) and that ED transfers by the NPs were 3.23 times more likely to be admitted to hospital than transfers by MDs (OR = 3.23; 95% CI 1.17-8.90). These findings highlight the potential benefits of the NP-led outreach program for LTC residents and for the health-care system.

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