Developing a Web Site: A Strategy for Employment Integration of Internationally Educated Nurses

Andrea Baumann, Dina Idriss-Wheeler, Jennifer Blythe, Paul Rizk


In Canada and elsewhere, the case for hiring internationally educated nurses (IENs) has not been adequately made and guidance for employers is lacking. The Web site "Internationally Educated Nurses: An Employer's Guide," launched in 2012, is intended to provide health-care employers in Ontario with comprehensive information on the hiring and integration of IENs. An evaluation framework and mixed methods design were used to determine the usability of the site in relation to its goal. Convenience sampling was employed to select participants representing specified users (i.e., health-care employers). Overall evaluation of usability was positive. Participants indicated that it raised their awareness of the advantages of hiring and integrating IENs to address shortages, increase workforce diversity, and provide culturally competent care. Future projects should focus on collaboration with employers to increase the uptake of IENs.

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