A Nurse Practitioner Program

Myrtle E. Crawford


The College of Nursing is co-operating with the Saskatchewan Department of Public Health to prepare nurse practitioners who will work in four pilot project communities in Saskatchewan. The provincial government is providing financial support for the training program, is giving bursary support to the four candidates and will make funds available to the four communities for a two-year period in order to carry out the project. The Research and Planning Division of the Department of Public Health will evaluate the project to determine whether utilization patterns of those seeking health services have been altered.
The curriculum for the training project was developed by a committee of faculty members from the College of Nursing and the Department of General Practice of the College of Medicine. The program will take six months and will have a concurrent preceptorship with a physician in general practice. Courses include: (1) Diagnosis: History-Taking, Physical Assessment and Laboratory Procedures; (2) Management and Treatment of Disease Conditions; (3) Counselling and Teaching for Health Maintenance; (4) Ethics, Roles and Relationships.

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