Accreditation Of Canadian Baccalaureate Programmes in Nursing

Susan E. French


What is accreditation? Why should we be concerned with accreditation of baccalaureate programmes in nursing? Accreditation is a process by which an agency or organization evaluates and recognizes an educational institution or programme of study as meeting certain pre-determined criteria or standards (Ozimek 1974:4). The decision to award accreditation status or not involves a judgement on quality. Nursing is accountable for the quality of care delivered by its practitioners. Educational programmes, the primary means of preparing nursing practitioners, must prepare individuals who will meet society's need for highly qualified practitioners.
Baccalaureate programmes in nursing need to periodically assess their overall effectiveness. Faculty in the programme must ascertain the validity of the purposes and goals, the extent to which each part of the programme supports and builds on other parts thereby promoting or negating the accomplishment of the goals of the programme and the effect of factors influencing the programme.

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