Evaluation of the Use of Independent Study Modules

Margery Furnell, Ray Thompson


Independent study modules have been used in each year of the new undergraduate curriculum as one means of meeting the instructional demands arising from increased numbers of students with a variety of learning needs and styles. (Lange, 1973, Postlethwait, Novak and Murray, 1969; and de Tornyay, 1971). Since evaluation of student response to this learning approach is an integral component of educational planning, the third year of the B.S.N. programme has implemented two methods of assessing effectiveness of self-directed learning in relation to expected behavioural changes.
The third-level nursing course has been directed toward the study of maturational problems of individuals and families. Based on the U.B.C. School of Nursing Behavioural System Model, it reflected the spiralling nature of the ladder curriculum.

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