An Experience Developing and Using Written Simulations as a Method of Teaching

Diana Gendron


The characteristic feature of a written simulation of a clinical nursing problem is that it focuses on the student's ability to problem solve. This method presents the problem solver with a short written description of a situation and then enables him/her to work through the problem on paper by presenting a number of sections which correspond to steps in problem solving. Some of these sections are for the purpose of deciding on broad strategies, e.g., gather data, seek consultation, or take action. Other sections present and enable the selection of data or specific nursing actions.
In each section of the problem, a number of options are available among which the problem solver makes a choice. They are accompanied by responses which are not visible until a particular option is selected. The response to each option may contain information that is requested, the results of the action chosen in the option, or directions as to how to proceed through the problem.

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