Tuberculosis and Common Mental Disorders: International Lessons for Canadian Immigrant Health Amy Bender, Sepali Guruge,


  • Amy Bender
  • Sepali Guruge
  • Ilene Hyman
  • Martyna Janjua


Tuberculosis is a pressing global health issue. Its association with other infections, illnesses, and social factors, including immigration, is well known, yet comparatively little research has examined the connections between tuberculosis and mental disorder, particularly among immigrants in Canada. The authors report on a scoping review conducted to better understand the synergies of tuberculosis, mental disorders, and underlying social conditions as they affect immigrants' health. They highlight the articles that focused on the co-occurrence of tuberculosis and depression/anxiety. After describing their approach and strategy, the authors present key thematic categories: prevalence, clinical presentation, and effects of stigma and poverty. Examining the research within the global context, they argue that migration contributes to these synergistic conditions. The review shows that Canadians stand to gain much by learning from low- and middleincome countries about what constitutes best evidence in approaching complex global health issues.