Nurses' Moral Experience of Administering PRN Anti-seizure Medications in Pediatric Palliative Care

Judy Rashotte, Judy King, Margot Thomas, Betty Cragg, Judy Rashotte, Judy King, Margot Thomas, Betty Cragg


This article explores nurses' decision-making related to the administration of PRN anti-seizure medications to children with long-term seizure disorders in palliative care. Hermeneutic phenomenological inquiry guided by van Manen's approach was the method used. Six nurses participated in interviews. Data analysis revealed that 'not on my watch' was the overarching theme in which nurses engaged in bearing witness, being attentive, creating connectedness, and finding the right thing to do. Four themes emerged: being in the know - what to know and ways of knowing; marking time - waiting and timekeeping; seeking a sense of personal comfort - developing a sense of comfort, experiencing distress, and responding to distress; and making the decision

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