Leaving the Philippines: Oral Histories of Nurses' Transition to Canadian Nursing Practice


  • Charlene Ronquillo


Filipino nurses are the leading group of immigrant nurses in Canada, making up a substantial portion of the nursing workforce, yet little is known about the contexts surrounding their immigration and transition experiences at the individual level. This study examines the transition experiences of Filipino nurses who immigrated to Canada between 1970 and 2000. Using oral history as the framework and method, it establishes a body of work in examining the history of this group of nurses in a Canadian context. Individual interviews were conducted with 9 Filipino nurses working in 2 Canadian provinces. Findings suggest that nurses may have delayed the process of becoming a Registered Nurse because the family was considered a priority, they found that adjusting to the role and scope of Canadian nursing practice required time, and they felt "foreign" and sensed a need to prove their competence to Canadian nurses.